Looking for Shutters in Bedford, Hertfordshire & Cambridgeshire

We have over 20 year experience in the blind and shutter industry around Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire and literarily have installed 1000's of different types of shutters and in doing so have met most of the common pit falls within the industry.

YES..We would like to go all British however in my opinion the British market have not got the quality, price or product that beats anything we have at the moment. We are as a country getting there but not just yet.

We make it easy to purchase our services, and do not worry we are not trained in selling at all. We don’t have monthly targets to meet and nor do we work on commission, we will be honest and will not order until we know that you are happy


When we quote for shutters like everyone else we charge by the square metre and always include stainless steel hinges and hidden tilt. this is our default unless requested other options by the customer. The finished price will include the above and VAT. they will be no extra for installation...

SEATTLE SHUTTERS - 100% most popular - cost effective

A popular choice of affordable yet hard-wearing and robust shutter.

Seattle is our most popular choice of shutter. Not only is this range tough and durable as it’s made from MDF and coated in polymer, it’s a more affordable option and has a wipe clean surface. It’s a recommended option for high traffic areas within the home.


An MDF shutter that looks as good as real wood.

Our Georgia range is a fantastically adaptable shutter. Made from MDF panels and frames with ABS louvres, this range looks as good as a real wood shutter but has more durability. The ABS louvres also allow panels to cover wider expanses.


Our solid basswood shutter that's high quality but low cost.

The Boston shutter range is crafted from beautiful solid basswood panels with an MDF frame. These shutters work well in any type of setting, be it contemporary, traditional or country living. Hardwood panels and MDF frames ensure this range is high quality whilst still low cost.


The newest edition to our shutter collection made from premium hardwood.

The newest edition to our shutter collection - made from premium hardwood. The Montana shutter has a stunning tight grain with a smooth finish, and are well suited to rooms that require extra durability.

Stained colour finishes are also available in the Montana range, allowing customers to see the beautiful grain of the wood shutters beneath.


A shutter perfect for rooms where a high performance finish is required.

This ABS shutter range is highly resistant to water, so makes another great shutter choice for Kitchens and Bathrooms. The Hollywood range has superior strength to prevent warping, denting and chipping, as it’s made from ABS and has a beautiful matte finish.