Shutters In Biggleswade Kingsreach




We have some lovely new builds in the area and a lot of the families are looking at the possibilities of having Shutters in their widows. Is the competition really strong..Well no? The TRUTH is that within the UK are they very few importers that import shutters, The main importer are Hillary's..Well a company that belongs to the Venture capitalist group that owns them. Now just been purchased by Hunter Douglas.

80% of shutters that you see are made in the same factory in if you buy S craft as used to be John Lewis or Hillary's...or even ours!!! They all come from the same is there a difference... very little and the equality is the same.


Price, well that depends, on how greedy the companies that survey are. We know this industry and will where possible give you the best price like for like in the area...Stay with us and hopefully you will enjoy the blogs and see our company grow...